First class of private pilot ground school!

Ten centimeters of reading joy!

Ten centimeters of reading joy!

Last night was my first class of private pilot ground school. It was very exciting to formally begin something that I have always wanted to do, ever since I was a kid! The instructors are nice and friendly, and they gave us an overview of what we can expect from the course and how the actual flying lessons will progress. For example, during my first flights I will learn basic, simple maneuvers such as rolls and keeping the airplane level. It will most likely be a Cessna 152 or 172.

They gave us several pounds of reading material (see photos!). The text book is very fun to read, it is very clear and it has lots of great color figures! We also have the Federal Air Regulations (FAR) that we need to know, and a practice book for the FAA knowledge exam, which is computerized and asks you 60 questions, 70% of which must be answered correctly to pass.

To obtain a Private Pilot license, one also has to demonstrate proficiency in flying the airplane. The checkride, as the practical test is known, tells the FAA examiner that one is capable of safely and efficiently maneuvering the plane, in instances such as cross-country flying (that is, flying between two points using navigational techniques), landings, recovery from stalls, and many other aspects. An oral exam must also be passed.

I better go start reading, catch y’all later!

My new bedtime reading!

My new bedtime reading!


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